Monday, May 21, 2018

Tesla & Open Source

Just in case you didn't realize that Open Source Software is truly ubiquitous across industries, here is a story about Tesla releasing software to comply with GPL licensing terms.  According to the story this has been a thorny issue from some of the affected copyright holders, but at least it appears things are moving in the right direction.

Just think, third parties will be able to experiment with Tesla add-ons, as well as discover bugs and security flaws much quicker through a community approach.  I do hope Tesla releases a set of virtual services for testing and publishes a clear contribution path so we don't have hacked cars running down the road.  Some day there may be an annual Tesla software conference!  Imagine the t-shirt that accompanied the status of being an official Tesla Open Source contributor :-)

In the end, Tesla's steps toward compliance are a win across the Open Source spectrum and will encourage community development practices to flourish.

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