Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Azure IP Advantage includes OSS

I saw this about Microsoft Azure today and was intrigued: 

Microsoft Azure customers now have access to best-in-industry protection against intellectual property (IP) risks in the cloud with Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program. One of the most comprehensive protection programs, it is designed to help customers protect their cloud-based innovations and investments against IP lawsuits and risks. We take seriously our responsibility to help ensure that the cloud is used for good. In partnership with our customers, we are working hard to help create an ecosystem where developers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and customers can innovate with confidence.
See full information here:  Azure IP Advantage.

For those of you consulting with clients on the benefits and risks of public cloud deployments it appears to be a new development in the industry which should certainly be considered.

Of course this feature is brand new and as far as I am aware untested, but I certainly commend Microsoft for addressing the problem directly. 

I really like the "Springing License" and "Patent Pick" components and am especially impressed that the new policy expressly includes open source code in its indemnity pledge for Azure services. 

See the details in the FAQ and receive a copy of the full terms and conditions from

I wonder if and when Google and Amazon will respond?

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