Thursday, December 1, 2016

Autopilot for your Honda!

Okay, so I read about this very early in the morning and had to double-check after my run and some coffee.  Apparently a company, "", has open sourced after market self driving software for certain Honda models.  It appears to require hardware components and tinkering well beyond my comfort level, but this is certainly one of the more interesting use cases for OSS I have run across.  According to the article, the company was concerned about US Department of Transportation's safety requirements and decided to just release the software to the community rather than pursue a commercial product launch given the potential regulatory hurdles.

A quick review of the github repository shows they chose an MIT license.  This would appear to add a whole new level to the importance of appropriate disclaimers.

See the article from here.   The github repository is here.

I would love to see some pictures if anyone takes this on as a side project!

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